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Nowadays, people are more conscious about "Green" issues. Here are a few facts about the CD and DVD industry. The polycarbonate used to manufacture the discs must be pure plastic in order CD DVD packaging go green to keep the characteristic of plastic such as transparency, data transferring and flexibility. For the packaging cases, all are 100% recycled plastic except clear case and cello-wrap film only use 15% recycled material due to the transparency and flexibility.

Other packaging materials such as CD and DVD Sleeves, Digi-pack and Wallets are all 100% recycled paper. Our customers always ask us which packaging style is more eco-friendly, in our professional opinion, all the materials are up to the standard of regulatory agencies. It is really the clients' choice of the way they want to present their products, CD and DVD Digi-paks, sleeves and wallets do have fashionable look. Also, it is lighter to carry and transport. The disadvantage is that all the CD and DVD Sleeves, Wallets, and Digi-paks are folded, glued, and vulnerable to wear and tear. On other hand, Jewel case, Amary Case and Clam-Shell are more economical in prices and last longer. However, they are more costly to transport. The only harmful element is the printing ink which is carefully scrutinized by the regulatory agencies. According to Federal Regulation, printing ink must be vegetable oil base with aqueous solvent for printing on paper and CD DVD Disc in U.S instead of "Old Fashion" Petroleum Oils base and chemical solvents. Also, heavy metals in printing inks were banned years ago by U.S government such as Cadmium and Lead which will cause nerve system damage.

If your CD and DVD discs are made in U.S.A they definitely will be "Greener" than any made in other countries or regions of the world, all the U.S manufacturers must use Federal approved material content. In other word, if CD and DVD Disc, CD and DVD Digi-pack, Sleeves and Wallet are made outside of U.S and Canada, it will contain the harmful elements due to the cost reason. None of the oversea supplier will import U.S. made raw-material to manufacture your products.

Make sure your CD and DVD projects go to the right place. Here are a few clues to flow. First, you need to click the contact page, if there is only a message form with toll-free phone without a physical address, you know it is a dangerous spot to send your CD and DVD duplication or Replication jobs. Again, even with a physical address, if it is a Suite number or second or third floor location of the building, you know something is wrong again. They definitely outsource CD or DVD production to somebody else. Especially, if the prices sound attractive to you, it means your CD and DVD will be manufactured across the border. If any supplier or vendor claimed that they have more than 20 years or 30 years experience etc, this is just a marketing trick. The first CD machine was out on the market in 1992 and mature and reliable mass production of CD started 1995, and first DVD replication machine was installed in 1997, and mass DVD production in U.S was 1999.

Three main issues with the environmental impact of inks is the use of volatile organic compounds, heavy metals and non-renewable oils. Standards for the amount of heavy metals in ink have been set by some regulatory bodies. There is a trend toward using vegetable oils rather than petroleum oils in recent years in response to a demand for better environmental sustainability.

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