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What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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Quality Guarantee

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First of all, let's start with our success records. Many Federal and State agencies have used our products and services, as well as large corporations. Symantec, the second largest software publisher, appointed Isomedia as its manufacturing plant in North America. Here is the link listing on Symantec Webpage. This is the indicator of our quality level and integrity. Also, our manufactured products are sold and distributed through regional and national retail stores and distributors, software and audio CD's and DVD's are sold by The Apple store and Fry's Electronics and distributed by Navarre, Funimation, Koch Entertainment and E1 Entertainment. You can find our replicated Audio CD's and DVD's in Amoeba Record Store, Rasputin Records, and on the CD Baby, Rapbay online stores. Our products are also distributed by 101 Music, Burnside Distribution, City Hall Records and Revolver USA.

CD and DVD production process are very similar and we will introduce a few key features of the process so that all the customers or non-technical people will understand.

The process includes Master Scanning, Glass mastering, Injection Molding, sputtering, inline inspection and off line testing. After all these steps, a CD or DVD Disc is completely done. The World Class Molding machines are Nestall for CD, and Sumitomo for DVD, Sputtering is Singulus Technology for both CDs and DVD. Inline Inspection is Dr Shenk scanner which checks  the physical  aspects of a CD and DVD,  offline inspection is done by Eclipse Suite and Audio Development that verify the format and electrical signal of the disc. All the CD and DVD equipment must be maintained in perfect condition in order to assure the quality of the CD or DVD disc. If part of the process malfunctions, it will result in a physical and electrical defect and affect the disc’s playability. The most efficient and state of the art equipment for CD and DVD manufacturing are made by those companies mentioned, and the technology has reached it’s third phase.  Other equipment providers exited the market after the first or second phase. There is still 30% of the equipment operating in the U.S without service and support. Our plant has on-site technician and regular scheduled service with equipment providers.

Isomedia staff takes all the possible steps to insure quality production of the Disc from receiving of your materials to shipping of your product. The first guarantee to you is that Isomedia is a Philips and Sony licensed plant and that we follow all the Federal and State regulations. The most important components used of manufacturing CD and DVD are Polycarbonate Resin, Print Ink and Chemicals which must meet the Federal Standard in order to be sold in U.S market. All these components are made through reputable companies, generic, imitation, off-grade and poison-contaminated materials are strictly prohibited.

We will explain our QC standard from a non-technical aspect so that you can comprehend it. Everybody must have had an experience to play a CD or watch a DVD video. When you hold a disc and look at the data side, if you see cloudy marks, spots or feel the edge of a disc and it is rough, these are injection-molding flaws. The wear to the mold frame causes the disc edge to be uneven and also the control valve pressure is incorrect will create the same problem. If these types of discs play in your computer or drives, a strong noise is generated, because the disc does not spin properly inside your drive. The black or white spots on the disc indicate the contamination of the Polycarbonate or it is an off-grade material does not meet the technical requirements of disc manufacturing. Your data or music will not be recorded where these spots appear.

Even you have a clean and shiny disc, it will still need the electrical test to determine its quality. Sometimes, when you play an audio disc that works on your computer, it may not play on your car or home system. In most of the cases, the cause will be the electric signal in the borderline, so that some players will accept this signal and some will not, because the players' default setting among manufacturers differ in +/-5% range. If the default standard is on the plus side, it will disqualify your disc. It is the similar situation with your DVD disc, which freezes or hesitates on one drive, but it works fine on others. The ISOMEDIA production team strictly follows testing procedures, so that our return rate is Zero.

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