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What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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Philips License

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CD and DVD manufacturing technologies were jointly invented by Philips and Sony Corporations. All the CD and DVD plants must pay the licensing fee and be certified in order to manufacture CD and DVD discs. It is mandatory by U.S Patent Law and Federal Regulations that any operating CD and DVD plants must be licensed or certified by Philips and Sony in the U.S. Except small duplication shops copying CDR and DVDR. The Current rate for CDs is $ 0.02 per disc; DVD is $ 0.0375 per disc.

What does this mean to consumers? What are the benefits?

The implication to consumers is very clear, by licensing, it protects the Intellectual Property Right of inventors, also informs the consumers that they are dealing with a responsible and qualified plant.

Philips License Compact Disc, CD ReplicationAll of us are concerned with two things, quality and prices. Isomedia's prices are very competitive. The U.S is the leading nation in establishing the highest standards to secure the safety and health of its consumers. The most important components used of manufacturing CD and DVD are Polycarbonate Resin, Print Ink and Chemicals which must meet the Federal Standard in order to be sold in U.S. market. All these components are made through patented technologies and reputable companies, and generic, imitation, and off-grade, poison-contaminated materials are strictly prohibited. If you hold a disc which the origin and manufacturer are unknown, it really raise a big question concerning safety and quality. If you give CD and DVD projects to a company that cannot manage and supervise the production so that third party vendor must be involved, you know the quality is in question. There are many things that could happen to your projects or products. First, they have to outsource your project to a real plant, which may be located in Mexico or Asia, which uses older generation equipment and off- standard material. Furthermore, you must be extremely careful if the non-licensed company claims they can beat or match all competitors' prices. The most important issue is that the Patent Fee has been ignored, because there are still a lot of countries that do not respect Patent Law and Intellectual Property Rights in the world. There is no guarantee that only non-hazardous materials will be used to manufacture your products. If it is not certain that you are dealing with a Licensed plant, please do not turn in your projects for a few pennies less. Also, some of our current customers used Brokers before and they all had unpleasant experiences. For example, either the master or the artwork cannot be found later when you need it, or the materials cannot be found years later. Your source materials are either misplaced or the plant is no longer in business. The worst case is that your contact's phone has been disconnected. Of course, there are other various quality issues, which we explained on our page on quality.

For your benefit, no matter if you are independent musician, artist, band and film maker, you must do a little screening of your supplier regardless the size of your projects. First, you need to click the contact page of your potential supplier, if there is only a message form with toll-free phone without a physical address; you know it is a dangerous spot to send your CD and DVD duplication or Replication jobs. Again, even with a physical address, if it is a Suite number or second or third floor location of the building, you know it is not a best choice . They definitely outsource CD or DVD production to third party. Especially, the prices sound attractive to you. It means your CD and DVD will be manufactured across the border. Furthermore, a lot of sites have phishing clauses such as " Start from" " As Low As" Etc. A retail ready fully packaged Disc as the phrase stated, it is clear and simple, but you need " Full Color" , then, there is a $ 100.00 up charge. In the Graphic industry, PhotoShop will give full Color automatically, also, retail-ready means you must have a barcode. Then, they charge you $ 40.00 for the barcode. If you need shrink-wrap or polywrap outside the case, they charge your another $ 100.00 etc. Please watch out for these little tricks.

For corporate clients to verify your vendor credibility, please check if there is any certification and licensing by the industry organization. For Disc manufacturing, first one is Philips license. Next should any endorsement or standing contract with major U.S Corporation. Isomedia has both. Please read our Quality Guarantee Section for more detail.

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