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CD /DVD Business Cards and Shaped CDs/ DVDs

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CD /DVD Business Cards and Shaped CDs/ DVDsThe CD / DVD business card is a wallet-sized CD / DVD that can contain the same electronic data as a regular CD / DVD-- text, video, audio, etc. This CD / DVD is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, yet it can store anywhere from 40MB to 400MB of information.If your product image includes a distinctive shape, not just colour, then you may want to consider the Shaped CD / DVD. Shaped CDs / DVDs are discs that are cut (with a CNC process) to a distinct profile; ISOMEDIA has many pre-defined shapes to choose from, or we can help you design your own custom disc shape. Whether the shape is a triangle, rectangle or if it takes another form, Shaped CDs / DVDs can help to distinguish your product or corporate image from others. There are some limitations to shapes, so please call Isomedia today for more information.

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