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What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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ISOMEDIA, Your full turn-key partner of media manufacturing!


Command Productions Studio provides digital and analog recording, voice prompts for computer telephony, VRU and IVR applications.

KABA Audio Productions Audio Recording, Recording Studio, Bay Area Northern California.

Mr. Toad's Audio Mastering and Tape Transfers. Specializes in Enhanced CD(CD Text).

Live.Rock.Yell! Music & entertainment Promote your music, all genres welcome. Services available for artists and labels, distro, publishing, marketing.

Golden Mastering specializes in high quality mastering for compact discs and lacquer mastering for vinyl. Specializes in Enhanced CD(CD Text).

Tone Freq

Studio 914

Nexus Recording Studio

Pop Smear Studios

Audio Voyage Recording



Coast To Coast Mix Tapes Mix Tapes for Hip Hop and R&B, promote your music

Dirty South TV TV channels online, promote your Blues Band, Singer Songwriters


Digital Insight Recording Studios

The Tone Factory Recording Studios

Diverse Recording Studio

Tanglewood Productions

The Mastering Room World class analog mastering at half the price. phone 415-948-4734


Audio RestorationsTransfers Old Media & Fixes Old Media (Cass, 8track, Film, Etc)

Lion Dog Music

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