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What is the quality guarantee of your CD DVD Replication and Duplication product?We will state one more time that no product we have shipped in the last 7 years has been returned.

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CDR DVDR DuplicationDo you need a quality CD or DVD, but only a short run? Need them in a hurry? The CD-R or DVD-R format allows you to economically produce CDs or DVDs in small quantities. Our professional grade, high speed CD-R or DVD-R duplication can meet your short-run or ultra-fast turnaround requirements.

CD-R Stands for CD-Recordable Disc which is a pre-manufactured blank Disc and DVD-R is the same meaning. . The original purpose of the blank media is a medium for the user to back up and record its data, music or video for mass CD DVD production. Also, it is commonly used for small quantity need under 500. For 500 or more discs, the replication process is more efficient, economical with higher quality, because CD DVD replication produces the disc and your content at same time. Duplication requires burning your content into blanks which is pre-manufactured disc. The reason for replication must be 500 is the mastering and set-up time for our large Singulus machine. For duplication, there is no mastering and set-up time involved

Before you chose duplication, please read our duplication versus replication section, because there is trade-off between the two processes.

You may ask," Why you need Isomedia to be your short-run vendor or supplier since there are many small shops even FedEx Kinko's can do it ?" Again, there is a significant difference between our process and small shop method. First of all, we use Philips Brand media for our CD and DVD blanks. We never use CD or DVD Sticker label, inkjet and thermal printing. Even it is one single color, we still use commercial press. All the inkjet, thermal and CD sticker Label are Toner Based print that never provides you the true color. Also, the toner based color is originally designed for paper, but it alters the color when it is printed on the plastic surface. The color will fade away or easily scratched off after a period of time elapsed. The Sticker label is the most dangerous method that alters the specs of CD and DVD. Please refer to our Duplication VS Replication section for detailed discussion. Another feature of our commercial press comparing with small shop operation is the printing area that our printing machine can print your disc label all the way to the center 23mm. For CD and DVD disc, the center hole is about 20mm. The non-commercial duplication house has to buy thermal or inkjet printable blank media with a 38mm ring. If you have a large image, you will not see the panoramic effect with Thermal or Inkjet printable blank media.

For your benefit, no matter if you are independent musician, artist, band or film maker, you must do a little screening of your supplier regardless the size of your projects. First, you need to click the contact page of your potential supplier, if there is only a message form with toll-free phone without a physical address; you know it is a dangerous spot to send your CD and DVD duplication or Replication jobs. Again, even with a physical address, if it is a Suite number or second or third floor location of the building, you know it is not a best choice . They definitely outsource CD or DVD production to third party. Especially, the prices sound attractive to you. It means your CD and DVD will be manufactured across the border. Furthermore, a lot of sites have phishing clauses such as " Start from" " As Low As" Etc. A retail ready fully packaged Disc as the phrase stated, it is clear and simple, but you need " Full Color" , then, there is a $ 100.00 up charge. In the Graphic industry, PhotoShop will give full Color automatically, also, retail-ready means you must have a barcode. Then, they charge you $ 40.00 for the barcode. If you need shrink-wrap or polywrap outside the case, they charge your another $ 100.00 etc. Please watch out for these little tricks.

For corporate clients to verify your vendor credibility, please check if there is any certification and licensing by the industry organization. For Disc manufacturing, first one is Philips license. Next should be any endorsement or standing contract with major U.S Corporation. Isomedia has both. Please read our Quality Guarantee Section for more detail.

Our Services Includes:

- Duplicated CD-Rs or DVD-Rs with one or full color silk screen on disc

- High quality short run inserts (from your electronic files)

- PDF proof (add $30.00 for hard copy proof)

- Packaging in jewel cases

- Polywrap

- Free bar code

- Turnaround time 3-5 working days ( Monday through Friday is considered to be working days ).

Also, more options Clam-Shell, Paper Window sleeves, Printed CD DVD Jacket, Digi-Pak, Wallet, Vinyl Sleeves

- Free bar code

- Turnaround time 3-5 working days ( Monday through Friday is considered to be working days ).

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